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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 18, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ anchor: this is outside source. here's the latest on the coronavirus. avall 50 u.s. states now cases and canada and the u.s. are closing theder to nonessential traffic. >> both canada and the united restates will temporarilrict all non-essential travel across the canada-u.s. border. anchor: president trump has activated the emergency response agency and the senate is voting on a $105 billion aipackage. travelers from outside that you turned away fro airports and borders after an imposed 30 day ban. fromll have the latest right around the world.
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anchor: thanks for being with us. there are now more than 200,000 confirmed coronavirus cases around the world. of those, 8248 have died and about 82,000 have recovered. most cases have been in china, but europe is now the new epicenter of the pandemic. it has seen a steep rise of infections and deaths, particularly in italy, the past three days alone has reported 10,000 new cases. these numbers are only confirmed cases. the true nu may never be known, because many countries like u.k. are not testing everyone -- making their every suspect case should bear.
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tested, their contacts identified. if those contacts are sick or showing symptoms, they should be tested. that requires a scale, because many countries have not been systematically testings suspect cad that's one of the reasons we are behind in this epidemic. s the virus w fit all for -- has now hit all 50 states in the u.s.. in economic stimulus package could help avert a crisis. president trump:ould like to begin by announcing some important developmts in our war against the chinese virus. we will be invoking the defense production act just in case w need it. in other words, i thinkou all know what it is, and it can do a lot of good things if we needed, anwe will have i all completed, signing it in just a little while right after them finished with this conference, i
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will be signing it, and it is epared to go. anchor: the president continue to call cid-19 the chinese virus, deste the controversy his comments have caused. it's not a chinese virus, but the first cases were reported in china. the fense production act is a move aimed at expanding thebi avaity of key medical supplies and equipment. the government says -- saying the government is ordering thousands and thousandsve of ilators. here is the president again. president trump: it's t invisible enemy. it's always the invisible enemy, but we are going to feat the invisible enemy, even faster than we thought. anchor: he has also played down the fears of the unemployment rate could reach 20%. president trump: that's the
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absolute totalen worst-case io, but we don't look at that. we are nowhere near it. anchor: also this tweet today, let's take a look at this, sesaying by mutual c we will be temporarily closing our northern border with canada to nonessential traffic. trade will not be aected. details to follow. canada rels on the u.s. for proximally 75% of its exports. this is what we heard from the canadian prime minter, justin udeau. >> we m talked thisning, president trump and i, to ensure that indeed, our economies and our people that are connected in so many different way will be able to ensure the smooth flow of goods and essential materials across the border. anchor: about one third of u.s. cases are in new york state, and a new york city, mayor bill de
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blasio said he will decide within two days whether to order the cities a .5 million residents to shelter-in-place. that wouldle mean pe confined to their homes, only allowed out to make trips to buy groceries or medicine, walk the dog or exercise, as longbls they avoid interaction. and this mornirom the white use coronavirus responsys coordinator. >> there are concerning reports coming out of france and italy abt some young people getting seriously ill and very seriously ill inth the icus. g part of this may be that people hhe did early data coming out of china and coming out of south korea. the elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions were at particular risk. it may have been that the millennial generation, our largest and future generion that will carry us through for the next multiple decades, there
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may be disproportional number of infections among that group. en if it is a rare occurrence, it may be seen more frequently in tt group. anchor: let's bring in gar w o'donogh is in washington fo us. let's start with that economic stimulus package. lots of money, what is happening with that? gary: one of the stimulus packages is going through the senate as wepeak, and that is being approved as that's the sort of package that deals with pretests, for example, and some sickly payments for workers. it's nothing like the stimulus package discussinlater this week and starting to hammer out tween thparties. that will be hundreds of billionsf dollars. this is about 10%, 5% of that kind of amount. packal be the third that they debate later this week of weeks, having already passed
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a billion dollars last week for otr parts of the program to meet the challenge of the virus. anchor: we are just seeing pictures there inside the senate as you speak. we will come back to that as we exactly is happening. what let's move down to donald trump's handling of it saying we can make thousands and thousands more ventilators, for example. gary: this is the defense production act that effectively allows the president t intervene in the american industry in the american enomy and effectively use parts of economy for nationa purposes, to co-opt it, if you 'like. more produce the vice president acknowledged he had 10,000 spare ones in the stockpile. there is an expectation that a lot more tn that are going to be needed.
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ono is really saying how many are already out there. that would lead you to believe there are not enough. that's one of the things they of thatking at in term act.other things to note, very worryingly, the red cross has started to say they are seeing some shortages of love in hospitals because blood drives are being canceled. they typically take pesce at work universities, schools and other places like thatca e of people not going to work, these things are not happening, so they are catcerned about also the pentagon looking at input -- deploying military country if needed that could have the capacity in total of that would not be to treat coronavirus itself, it would be in orderes to take some soff the hospitals who were treating coronavirus. that along with the two hospital ships, you can see the extreme nature of some of the provisions being considered. anchor: wwill stay in the
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u.s., it might be easy to forget the race to be the candidate to take on donald trump is still underway. the primary elections took place in florida,in is, and arizona. joe biden ma a clean sweep of all of them. he has 1093 delegates, ahead of bernie sanders, and he's gettin close to t 1991 magic number needed to win. he made his victory speech at his home in delaware ind of holding a rally, to comply with coronavirus advice against public gatherings. >> m senator sanders and disagree on tacticsut we share a commonision. the need to provide affordable care for all americans. we see in -- to tackling the existential threat of our time,
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climate change. senator sanders and his supporters have brought remarkable passion and tenacity to all these issues. they have shifted the thisamental convsation i country.let me say specially toe young voters who have been inspiredy senator sanders. i hear you. i know what is at stawe. i know whaave to do. our goal as a campaign and my goal as a candidate for president is to unify thisd pay en to unify the nation. anchor: the morning after the senator sanders campaign manager sent out on email worth reading. no sugar coating it, last night did not go the way we wted. while our campaign has won the battle ofos ideas, we areg the battle of electability to joe biden. it adds that he will make a decision in the u.s.. voting at the time of
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coronavirus is not straightforward. let's take you to ohio. the first to hold its primary on tuesday, it wasce cd over concerns of the coronavirus. for other states, maryland, louisiana, kentucky and georgia have pushed back their primary dates. her's our west coast correspondent. david: rallies in advance of these primaries had to be canceled in favor of townhall and livestream events. some polling stations had to be relocated and a t of polling staff did not turn up for work amid scares over the coronavirus. interestingly enoh, the turnou in the states of florida and arizona appeato have exceeded those of the 2016 primaries, primarily because those states are said to have been very enthusiastic to encourage earl voting and voting by mail. anchor: stay with us here on
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outside source. still to com italy is reporting 475 new debts, the nation.ay total of any health authorities around the worlhave been saying from the start of the coronavirus outbreak that whing your hands a key part of preventing the spread. there is definitely a right way and a wrong way. a doctor from the university of westminster shows us how to do it properly. >> just wetting my hands, take some soap, create a lather, clean the back of your hyods, in betwee fingers, the end of your fingers, your thumb, your palms, your wrist, and the top of your hand again. rinse, turn off the tap with a tissue to event cross-contamination. and then you discard the tissue
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anchor: this is outside source, live ie bbc news room. ronavirus deaths in europe now ms ied the number of v asia. the u.s.-canada order has been close to nonessential traffic. and erdogan has urge people to possible.s homes another brazilian government official has tested positive for the virus.
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he's the second member of the brazilian delegation who met president trump in florida earlier this month have contracted the disease. he said last week he had tted negative. while governments around the world continue to close their country's borders much travelers from outside that you are being turned away from airports after an impose thirty-y'y ban. ger's angela merkel has just said this, let's have a look at the quote. not since world war ii has to been such a challenge to our country and so much relies on her universal solidarity. let's take a look arnd, a lot of pictures coming in frop all around e let's start in belgium, the
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country is now in lockdown. peop could only go outside really for essential shopping and exercise. this is france, you canee strong measures here. police checking the paperwork of people who a moving around in public. this is athens, greece, normally very busy but all retail stores are shut. the venice canals, famous for being polluted, but since italy has stopped tourist coming in, the water has become a lot clearer. let's stay in italy,till the worst affected country in europe. now has more than 35,000 confirmed cases a nearly 3000 deaths. the highest one-day toll of any nation.
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reporter: 8000 people have been fined for not abiding by the restrictions put in pler a week ago, preventing people from moving around the country freely without good reasons. people have to fill out a form if they do move saying why they are moving. they need good reasons, whether medical reasons, going to work groceries.oing to get some previous ding stopped byes in police, asking to see that documentation, and then interrogating thembo their purposes here and why they are a real sense of people -- police wanting people to stay in. anchor: the united kingdom has ped up its restrictions. schools in the u.k. will clo further sprea of the virus. here is the british prime minister, boris johnson. >> we alsohe need to keephs going and to treat the rising number of cases.
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so we need health officials who are parents to continue going to work and other critical people p doing their work from the police officers who are keeping us safe, we therefore need schools to make provision for the children of these key workers who would otherwise be foed to stay home. wande also need to look after the most vulnerable. anchor: thousands who were stranded in austria after i hungary clos border have begun to cross. aan harian corridor was opened. >> these have been mostly romanians and bulgarians strangled for strded for a day and a half. bulgarians first and then
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romanians could drive across the border for four or five hours or so. that was not enough to solve the situation, and finally after many more hours of frustration fo all these people stuck on the far side of the border, just soon afternoon local time. the hungariaauthorities and bulgarians to pass, but i ilunderstand there's an element of chaos on the far side of the austrian side, other nationalities are being turned bace. fr has been on lockdown since tuesday. more than 260 people have died and there aremever 7600 confcases. let's see what president n emmanuel macron has bying. he tweeted to the health care staff, you are not counting your hours in the face of this unprecedented crisis. know what w owe you, and we will do whatever it takes to help you. let's go to hugh schofield who is in france. good to see you. weaw pictures short time ago a
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police out on the streets checking people's papers. they sound like very strict measur. are they worki? hugh: they are working. fthey are checking peop the document that you have to have if you leave yo home, you need to bring with you a piece of paper whichs sta the reason for leaving your home. there are five permitted reasons , work, medical emergency, family emergency, all briefed -- brief excursions just to take air or walk the but anyelse has not been permitted. there was are large d of leniency, but on day two, the first fu day today, about 5000 vines have been imposed on reasons to go out.
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the bigger picture here is i'm speaking to you from the l provinces like of people, the same situation applies in small towns around ere i am now in central france as it does in paris. everywhere is deserted, people have to go shopping and so on, but it is very limited and people a, it seems to me, fory now anyw, ha go along with what the government says in absolutely eal. anchor: that'sugh schofield there. let's take a look at some more pictures coming into the newsroom. this is people disinfecting at the markets in guatemala silly -- guatemala city. t's go to the border between perund bolivia.
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peru closed its borders are you this week and bolivia just announced it will do the same. more disinfectant here, this is donesia where they are disinfecting but popular tourist destinations on the island are shutting down. u.s.-south korean troops sanitizing areas around the center o korea.tbreak in south let's stay in that part of the world, staying in south korea. more than 80 people have died in the country. there are over 8400 cases. this update from soul. reporter: we've seen a steady decline in the number of cases being confirmed here in soh korea, where we've had the biggest outbreak outside china here in asia. few' wre hearing news of new clusters emerging, not just in
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the hotspot, the worst affected region in the country, but in the outskirts of soul, and that is what is causing concern. anchor: we will stay in this part of the world. the world health organization calling for urgent aggressive actions to combat svid-19 as ca sore in southeast asia. cases on the subcontinent still below 500, but there are fears a spike could overwhelm health care systems. let's ke a look now. malaysia, sri lanka andarhe philippine among nations imposing strictorder controls. here is jonathan in bangkok. jonathan: the first cases wer reported on january 13 in thailand but the numbers crept up very slowly. in some countries like myanmar and indonesia and laos, they just wo't do any testing. there was spear they were --
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there were cases therebe that we nog recorded. hearing tan, -- here in thailand, the numbers have crept . people are beginning to think warmeras weather the reason the virus was not spreading here as quickly as it has done in europe andd the uniates, but the numbers are creeping up fast. anchor: to africa where 30 countries have reported cases. south africa has nearly 120 cases. the government has introduced a travel bannd school closures that come into effect today. governments throughout africa are being told to prepare for the worst. >> in a poor township on the edge of johannesburg, arising since of vulnerability today. >> if the vus comes here, what do you think will happen? >> this is a world of shared
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toilets comef water delivered by the bucket. >> it is my neighbor. catch it, he is going t catch it. everyone will catch it. so we are in the middle of danger. anchor: south africa is busy preparing its defenses. there are already several drive-in testing centers. suddenly this week, africa as a whole is starting to clamp down, closing borders, schools, banning large gatherings, hoping to learn from asia and europe's experiences. this entire continent may have been given a little extra time to prepare, but it is still vulnerable to the virus the immune systems of million p ofple are already compromised by malnutrition and by hiv, and many health systems
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are already precarious at best. >> if thisde epimicro and starts impacting and tablishing itself in any one of our neighbors in africa, we will likely see a more difficult situation to contain. anchor:n the meantime, what to do about the dai crush. these buses the only option for most commuters across africa. will this make you change and not go on the bus anymore? >> if i had any alternative transport, i would. anchor so worried continent braces itself. andrew harding, bbc news, johannesburg. re's plenty more o this truly glol story on our website. do give it a visit.
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